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FIntelegencia is a strategy and business development firm, pioneer of 360º business solutions across the world, especially in Europe. In the current business state, companies must endeavor to be dynamic and flexible in order to take advantage of valuable opportunities. Therefore, we provide a complete package of first-class tailored services helping entrepreneurs and companies in expanding and establishing their businesses seamlessly across international borders from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

We guide you, advise you and participates in the strategic development of your company by accompanying it in its digital transformation. We offer complete and tailor-made services. With our multiple international partners, we guarantee you solutions adapted to all your needs.

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Zaydane SADIKI

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How company Started

The firm began when many investors wants to start new business after COVID-19 period, and wants to expand their activities locally or all around the world.

Our Successful Journey

During the pandemic many firms have lost their clients, so we found our company in order to help them to change their business model, and grow up again.

Our unique Challenges

Providing solutions to complex problems, and managing client expectations can be challenging. That’s why we do our best efforts and provide value to our clients.

Our Business & Financial


Business Strategy

Do you want to implement a new strategy to develop your business, increase your values, and have better profitability? Do you want to attract more customers, partners, and investors?

You are in the right place, we are expert in business strategy for the companies/businesses you are looking for. Our consultants will guide you in the implementation and development of your business


Accounting and bookkeeping are essential components of a company that contributes to its growth by controlling and monitoring its revenues and expenses. Accounting would require companies to incur additional costs and care internally, with sometimes a shortage of professionals that makes this management very complicated.

Our consultancy team is the best to help you with that.

Digital Marketing

Are you wondering about the best marketing agencies in Europe? How to optimize your social networks? How to create an application and a website? Or even how to launch your advertising campaign?

FIntelegencia is an expert agency in Marketing, and we can help you with your communication strategy and digital transformation with our Marketing 360-degrees approach.

Investment Plan

Do you want to diversify your incomes but you don’t know how

You don’t have a plan ?

FIntelegencia can help you to structure how much cash, stock, bonds, and real estate to invest in to maximize returns, by putting the process of financial planning designed to develop an investing strategy to achieve your financial goals.

Company Setup

To start your business or company anywhere globally, it is always difficult to perceive what choices and opportunities are available to set up the company and regularize the new business. With Thallium Consulting, you can now set up your company anywhere in the world in just 3 easy steps and less than 5 minutes and receive your pre-approved documents.

Legal Advisory

At a local and global level, our firm assists you, in every sector, telecommunication, retails, real estate, infrastructure and transport, food and beverage.
We value the importance of trust and competence, and therefore provide our client with the finest solutions in every kind of legal practices, whether that be dispute resolution, commercial contracts …

We Help Our Clients to Achieve Their Business Goal

Who We Are

FIntelegencia is a consulting firm with trusted expertise that guides you in the development of your business by offering various services. We provide an end-to-end solution for all your business needs right from the company set up to manage the day-to-day operations.

Our Vision

Leading management consulting in order to deliver innovative and effective solutions to help clients grow and succeed in a rapidly changing business environment. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional value, build enduring relationships, and drive sustainable growth for our clients.

Our Mission

To partner with clients to provide strategic advisory services that drive growth, optimize performance, and create long-term value. We leverage our expertise, experience, and global network to deliver actionable insights and customized solutions that are tailored to each client’s needs.

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